Fishing Boats

Run your fishing boats @ Rs. 121/-Hr. on LPG!!!
» The Kits are Versatile and may be fitted to the full range boats of 2 stroke from 8hp to 40hp
» The Components are approved by Govt. Of India (ICAT-Delhi)
» Commercial cylinder to be used for fuel
» Fitment time 30 Minutes into new boats
» Can be taken home entire kit easily when not in use & fit quickly
» Runs like Kerosene/Petrol pick-up result upto 99% on LPG
» Fuel efficient & pollution control concept which is demand of time
» LPG available easily compared to Kerosene at all over India by major Oil companies
Conversion Chart:
Descriptions Kerosene LP Gas (0.512kg. = 1ltr)
Fuel Consumption/Hr. 6 Ltr/Hr. 2.46 Ltr/Hr. (1.27kg.)
Fuel Cost (Ltr.) / Hr. 40x6=Rs.240/Hr. Rs. 49 x 2.45ltr.= Rs. 120/Hr.
Average Running Hrs./Month 90 Hrs./Month 90 Hrs./Month
Average Running Cost / Month (Rs.) Rs.21600/Month Rs.10800/Month
Fuel Cost Saving/Month Rs.15867/Month Rs.4933/Month
Kit Installation Cost recovered in Month   2 Month
Other benefits:
Descriptions Kerosene LP Gas
Engine Starting By Help of Petrol First Quickly No required Petrol
Engine Idle Good Excellent
Gasoline (Petrol) Required for Starting Yes Only LPG
Pick-up when empty & loaded 100% 99%
Smoke/Carbon output Very Much Quite be
Fuel Evaporation Yes No
Fuel Movement / Storage / Availability Hard Easy