LPG Kit 2 Wheeler
Special Features
» These are used in all petrol starting engines up to 80cc to 150cc special fuel pump is used for two stroke engine for mixing of gas & lubrication of the cylinder in constant ratio.
» LPG Vaporizer Two wheeler / Generator.
» Body made of durable Aluminum Alloy (LM-6) perfectly suitable for Automobiles.
» Using best quality (Nylon-6 grade) Plastic – component for better tuning.
» It converts the LPG from liquid to gaseous stage.
» It reduces the input pressure of 20 bar to a output pressure to atmospheric pressure in two stages.
» Powder coated for atmospheric protection.
» Suitable for engine from 20 to 80kw (50cc to 150cc).
» Approved by ARAI as per UN ECE R 67.01 norms.
Fishing Boats
Special Features
» The Kits are Versatile and may be fitted to the full range boats of 2 stroke from 8hp to 40hp
» The Components are approved by Govt. Of India (ICAT-Delhi)
» Commercial cylinder to be used for fuel
» Fitment time 30 Minutes into new boats
» Can be taken home entire kit easily when not in use & fit quickly
» Runs like Kerosene/Petrol pick-up result upto 99% on LPG
» Fuel efficient & pollution control concept which is demand of time
» LPG available easily compared to Kerosene at all over India by major Oil companies